Woman wearing a look for spring 2024 with a white T-shirt.

The spring-summer 2024 looks come loaded with possibilities and opportunities. New silhouettes, unexpected tones, risky prints: all converging in a celebration of style and personality. Our guide to this season's trends is a journey into the heart of contemporary fashion, where we explore new territory and take an in-depth look at what's hot this spring, don't miss it!

First trend: high-altitude sports

Step on the gas and win the fashion game with this sophisticated interpretation of sportswear. This season's most valuable garment is undoubtedly the pilot jacket, which will take you far (stylistically speaking). It's a statement in itself, but is also surprisingly easy to combine with fitted pieces or other elements of this athletic universe, such as the sport shorts.

Second trend of spring-summer 2024: the 90s office, reinterpreted

Make room for grey! This season brings with it an intellectual air, inspired by the office outfits of the nineties, and this particular decade is coming back to redefine the rules of formal wear, incorporating it into our everyday lives. This particular decade is coming back to redefine the rules of formalwear, incorporating it into our everyday lives too. How do we wear this spring trend? Try total looks in this elegant grey tone, or mix proportions with a practical touch. Finally, dilute the formalities by adding the right accessories: contemporary mini bags, minimalist heeled sandals or maxi sunglasses.

Woman wearing a grey blazer and leather trousers.

Third trend: neutral freshness

Spring is the time to embrace serenity? At least when it comes to styling. Dressing exclusively in beige, cream and white has a special charm and you're just one step away from discovering it. A neutral palette that exudes simplicity and invites us to renew our wardrobe basics, imbuing them with a modern air. For a sample, we suggest this outfit: a fluid linen shirt to match a pair of relaxed cargo trousers.

Fourth trend: grunge ode to simplicity

Your wardrobe wouldn't be complete this season without that versatile oversized checked shirt that you can wear effortlessly for any occasion, anywhere. It's time to hark back to the carefree, attitude-driven spirit of the grunge side of Tumblr's early days. For this spring-summer 2024 trend, the key is to keep a relaxed attitude towards layering. To do this, pair the aforementioned checked shirt with distressed jeans (the more worn, the better) and a shopper bag to fit all your essentials.

In the spring 2024 outfits, we have revived the most identifiable stylistic symbols of the grunge style to give them a new interpretation influenced by contemporary aesthetic codes. Specifically, our interpretation takes its Y2K side as a starting point to give life to a proposal that fuses its most groundbreaking side with details full of femininity. Of course, cannot miss the check prints, the wide stripes, the worn garments and the overlays. Now, seasoned with the romantic touch of fluid dresses, asymmetrical skirts, flowers and soft tones that get a sophisticated and current nuance to which it is impossible to resist this season.

Fifth trend: cowboycore

Immerse yourself in the vastness of the old west with the fifth spring trend under your arm: the cowboycore . This trend recaptures the bold and adventurous spirit of denim fashion, bringing it firmly into the contemporary wardrobe.

The essence of cowboy style lies in the authenticity of denim. A pair of dark, straight-cut, high-waisted jeans is the perfect base for any cowboy look. The secret lies in adding key pieces that highlight the cowboy aura, such as a checked shirt with a knot at the waist, or a fur waistcoat for extra originality.

The secret lies in adding key pieces that highlight the denim aura, such as a checked shirt or a fur waistcoat.

Woman wearing a spring look with cowboy boots.

Sixth trend for spring 2024: animal print

The fierce and energetic beauty of wildlife invades spring outfits in 2024, giving life to the sixth trend: animal print. Far from being a novelty, this print has proven its resistance to the passage of time, reinventing itself season after season.

The secret of animal print lies in its versatility. A leopard blouse can become the centrepiece of a casual outfit, while a zebra skirt can inject a bold touch to a more subdued spring look.

From exotic snake prints to timeless giraffe polka dots, animal print offers a universe of possibilities. Pairing it with neutrals allows the print to shine through, while mixing it with vibrant colours can result in an outfit full of energy and character.

Girl wearing a spring 2024 look with an animal print T-shirt.

Seventh trend: all for oversize aesthetic

Step into the confidence and comfort that comes with the seventh trend of spring 2024: the oversize style. This fashion statement challenges the stereotypes of the fitted silhouette, embracing freedom of movement and comfort without compromising sophistication and style. Oversize is a fashion territory full of opportunities. From wide coats that wrap around the figure like a cloud, to loose-fitting peg trousers that allow you to float with every step, each oversize garment is a statement of intent. The result is a minimalist yet striking spring look, ideal for those who want to stand out with simplicity and authenticity.

Eighth trend: tailoring in pastel colours

Thinking about looks for this spring 2024 is to think about soft colour palettes that bring light to the outfit, even in garments you wouldn't expect. In this case, outfits gain vibrancy and style through shades of lavender, baby blue or mint green, perfect to accompany you to the office or even a special occasion in the future.

Ninth trend: time for the trench coat

It was only a matter of time before it made a comeback, right? But, although the traditional camel trench coat will never go out of fashion, 2024 also gives us other options to explore with fabrics such as denim or much more relaxed silhouettes.

This season's fashion invites us to explore, to dare and to rediscover our own stylistic identity. In short, spring-summer 2024 trends are an exciting journey into novelty, a dance of colours, textures and styles that redefines the contemporary fashion scene. Do you dare to try them?