Girl wearing an oversize look with a white shirt and jacket.

With its wide silhouettes and its air casual chic, oversize style has become the best ally for women looking for comfort and style. More than a fashion statement, it is a movement that celebrates comfort and freedom of movement, without compromising aesthetics. At Discover by MANGO we bring you the keys to mastering this trend.

What is oversize style? On the trail of the season's top trend

In the 1980s, fashion was characterised by its extravagance and audacity, and it was precisely in this context that the style oversize began to emerge. Traditionally tight-fitting feminine silhouettes were liberated by the influence of pop culture and music, where industry icons began to wear oversized garments boldly and boldly. Thus, the oversize style was born, a movement that celebrated comfort and freedom of movement. Jackets with exaggerated shoulders, loose-fitting jeans and oversized sweatshirts became the key pieces of this style. This radical shift in fashion gave women a new way of expressing themselves, allowing them to break out of pre-established moulds and redefine their identity through their clothing. Since then, the oversize style has proven to be more than a trend, becoming a true symbol of freedom and authenticity. Today, the oversize remains an emblem of individuality and freedom.

Opt for layering

One of the basics to create a real oversize look for women is to combine different layers of clothing in the same outfit, a trick that, in addition to keeping you warm during the colder months, will allow you to be more versatile when it comes to dressing. The first step is to choose an oversized base garment: it can be a basic T-shirt , a wide jumper, or even a masculine shirt. Add a second layer, such as a long waistcoat or a loose cardigan, considering that this piece should contrast, but complement the base garment. Experiment with different textures and materials, from denim to cashmere, to add depth to the outfit. The third layer can be a voluminous jacket or a coat oversized.

Woman wearing an oversize style look with a suit jacket and waistcoat.

Play with proportions for a total oversize look

Matching proportions can bring the perfect balance to any oversized outfit . For example, a fitted bottom garment can counterbalance the volume of an oversized top garment, creating a harmonious and chic outfit. In this way, the cut of the garments can be played with to highlight or soften certain parts of the body, allowing each woman to emphasise her attributes in the way that suits her best. As a contrast to the layers that are often included in oversize looks , choose a more fitted bottom garment. Our recommendation: skinny jeans and leggings work perfectly to balance the volume of the upper layers.

Choose the right accessories

Accessories play a key role in defining an outfit oversize. Carefully selected, can infuse a distinctive and chic feel to any outfit, without detracting from the oversized garments. For a balanced counterpoint, minimalist accessories are a wise choice. A delicate necklace or understated earrings can add a touch of finesse to the volume of the oversized look .

A pair of large sunglasses is the perfect accessory to add a retro and casual touch to the outfit. A small or medium-sized handbag can also be a good choice, as it creates an interesting visual contrast with oversize garments. When it comes to footwear, the options are endless: from sneakers for a casual look, to high-top boots for a more avant-garde touch.

Less is more

Although oversize is all about exaggeration, it is also governed by the rule of less is more. Avoid over-complicated combinations and opt for clean lines and neutral colours for a minimalist look but with impact.

Experiment with different textures and materials, from denim to cashmere, to add depth to your oversized looks.

Woman wearing an oversize outfit with a jumper and black trousers.

Always choose quality

The simplicity and versatility of the oversize style calls for garments made from premium fabrics that are comfortable and durable for everyday wear. Simple cut pieces in neutral tones become the perfect canvas for playing with volumes and proportions. As these are garments of significant visual weight, their quality is cardinal to ensure a neat and chic look.

Woman wearing an oversize look with a white shirt and basic black trousers.

In short, the style oversize is not just a passing trend, it has established itself as a chic and bold wardrobe choice that defies traditional fashion conventions. With these keys in mind, we encourage you to explore this trend and add a touch of boldness to your wardrobe.