Woman wearing a romantic outfit with a lace blouse and white trousers.

Fashion often becomes a language that allows us to express our personality in unique and attractive ways. In this sense, there is a trend that, regardless of seasonal trends, always remains current and fresh, conquering hearts with its grace and delicacy: the romantic style in fashion. At Discover by MANGO, we want to guide you on a journey through this charming style, showing you the key pieces to create a romantic and sophisticated outfit.

What is the romantic style?

Romantic style in fashion is a visual aesthetic that evokes gentleness and femininity, with delicate details and a soft, welcoming colour palette. It was born during the Romantic era of the 19th century, a time when art emphasised classical beauty and the intensity of nature. Inspired by nature, art and literature, this style is notable for its use of soft fabrics, ruffles, lace and floral prints. This trend has served as a starting point for other current trends such as the cottagecore or the coquette style, very much inspired by the delicate lines and sweet shapes of romanticism.

Colours and patterns in romantic women's style

Polka dots, flowers and delicate stripes play an essential role in this trend, bringing dynamism and visual diversity to every romantic outfit.

In particular, floral prints emerge as an essential detail that brings an atmosphere of sweetness and youthfulness to each garment. They are an ode to nature and delicacy, capable of transforming any outfit into a playful and dreamy style statement. Dresses and women's shirts are the perfect canvas for this type of print, but not the only one. Our advice is to go for garments such as gilets or shorts to add a touch of originality.

As for colours, white is, without a doubt, one of the most emblematic colours of the romantic style. In garments such as dresses or linen blouses, white can bring an air of purity and freshness to any look. However, the romantic style is not limited to this neutral shade. Pastel colours such as pink, sky blue and lavender are equally prevalent, conveying an atmosphere of sweetness and tranquillity.

The sweetness of lace

Lace is another detail that defines the romantic style in fashion. Incorporating lace blouses into your romantic look will add a touch of elegance and sophistication. Try pairing them with bootcut jeans for a casual chic look or with a pleated skirt for a more formal outfit. A pair of cowboy boots can also complement a romantic lace-up look perfectly, adding a touch of modernity.

Incorporating lace blouses into your romantic outfit will add a touch of elegance and sophistication.

Woman wearing a white lace blouse

A midi cut look to capture the essence of romantic style in fashion.

Creating a romantic outfit with a printed midi dress is an ideal way to capture the essence of this trend. This type of garment brings a mix of femininity and comfort, ideal for any occasion. The midi skirts are another option that will allow you to enhance the freshness of your romantic outfit: start by choosing a floral patterned skirt or in a soft pastel shade, such as pink, sky blue or lavender. Pair it with a white linen or cotton blouse for a fresh and light look.

Complete the outfit with wedges or strappy sandals for a summery look, or a pair of leather boots for a cooler, more contemporary touch. A small handbag or clutch bag will complement perfectly, adding a sophisticated and chic air to your romantic outfit.

The charm of linen as a base for romantic looks

Linen is one of the star fabrics when it comes to romantic aesthetics. Whether in short-sleeved blouses, midi dresses or shirts, it brings a rustic and natural touch to the romantic outfit. A white linen dress, for example, can be the perfect outfit for a sunset stroll. Or perhaps a linen shirt paired with wide-leg trousers for a cool and chic office look. The versatility of linen makes it an essential garment for any lover of romantic style.

Ruffles: the undisputed protagonists of a romantic outfit

Ruffles are an iconic detail of romantic style, adding a touch of femininity and drama to any outfit. You can incorporate them into short sleeved blouses, midi dresses or even skirts, creating romantic and sexy looks. Whether on a linen blouse with ruffles on the collar or a white dress with ruffles on the sleeves, this detail will make your romantic outfit unforgettable.

Woman wearing a pink dress with ruffles

The must-have accessories to complete your romantic look

Details are what differentiate a good outfit from an exceptional one, so accessories become an essential aspect to complete your romantic look. Handbags in warm colours, necklaces and earrings with creative or heart-shaped details, delicate bracelets and rings... All these accessories can add the finishing touch to your romantic outfit, strengthening your character and showing off your personality.

In short, the romantic style in fashion is a celebration of freshness and delicacy. Every piece, every detail, every garment, all come together to create a look that will make you feel unique and confident. A first date, a outfit for Valentine's Day or a plan with your partner can become the perfect occasion to wear a total look of romantic inspiration. Become the protagonist of your own fairy tale, dazzling with your romantic style every step of the way.

A pink heart-shaped bag.