Woman wearing a denim outfit with a denim jacket

Jeans have carved out an undisputed place in women's wardrobes. Their chameleon-like nature allows them to adapt to every style and every occasion, making them a faithful ally that never fails. At Discover by MANGO, we are aware of this unconditional love for denim, which is why we offer you seven ideas for combining your jeans and creating looks full of character.

The harmony of a total denim look

There's nothing more sophisticated than a total denim look built on boldness. To achieve this effect, combines your jeans with a shirt in the same tone, building a refined and chic denim outfit. The trick is to play with accessories to add a touch of personality: a multicoloured scarf or cowboy boots are the perfect allies to finish off this denim outfit in an original way.

A woman wearing a total denim denim look

The charm of light tones

Jeans in soft colours are perfect for creating fresh and bright outfits. Try pairing light jeans with a linen shirt in pastel shades. The result is a delicate and feminine denim outfit, perfect for a Sunday stroll.

A woman combining jeans with a beige jacket.

All in black

A women's denim look with a black garment is always a hit, as the continuation of colours adds depth and balance to the look. Go for skinny jeans and a plain black top or a black top with a music print. A bomber jacket and track-soled boots in the same colour complete this rocker-inspired denim outfit, perfect for a night out in alternative settings.

A girl wearing a woman's denim outfit with a bomber jacket.

A women's denim outfit splashed with animal print

Get caught up in one of this season's top trends: animal print. Start with skinny jeans in black or a dark tone, injecting that unmistakable wild touch. A denim skirt midi with an A-line cut can be another interesting option, adding a feminine and chic touch.

From here, it's time to unleash your inner animal print fierce. A leopard blouse or zebra jacket can add a wild and bold touch to your outfit. Remember, when incorporating animal print into a denim look, it is key to moderate the use of other prints to avoid visual overload.

Accessories can also be the link between these two worlds. A leather belt with an antiqued metal buckle or cowboy boots with snakeskin detailing can be the perfect finishing touch to this outfit.

Boho style

Creating a denim outfit boho chic is all about combining textures, patterns and silhouettes for a relaxed and sophisticated look. Start with a pair of palazzo jeans, the centrepiece of this look. The loose, flowing fit adds a touch of relaxed elegance, while the classic denim adds a dose of authenticity and character. Follow with a paisley print blouse. Look for a design with bohemian details such as embroidery, lace or fringing, and an earthy colour palette to accentuate the connection to nature inherent in the boho look. The key to a boho chic denim outfit lies in harmony and balance: palazzo jeans add structure, while a printed blouse adds just the right amount of free and romantic spirit.

Look for a design with characteristic bohemian details such as embroidery, lace or fringing.

Woman wearing a denim outfit with a boho blouse

Combining jeans and a blazer: the chicest option

For a smart and sophisticated denim look, go for a blazer. This combination will add a touch of sophistication to your look. Choose a structured blazer for a more formal look, or a fluid one if you prefer a more casual feel.

A women's denim look in pastel shades

Harmonising the robustness of denim with the delicacy of pastel tones may seem like a challenge, but the end result is an outfit that exudes originality and style. The first step in putting together this eclectic look is to select the centrepiece. Choose a pair of skinny jeans , a denim jacket, or even some hot pants for warmer days.

Once you've defined the base of your look, it's time to add a splash of colour. Opt for a cotton T-shirt in a soft pale pink or a crochet sweater in a soothing sky blue shade. The key is to balance the ruggedness of denim with the softness of pastel colours.

The possibilities offered by women's denim outfits are endless and their versatility allows you to renew the style of this garment season after season. The secret lies in taking them to your own territory, adapting them to your style to create unique and unforgettable outfits.