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The most-awaited moment of the year is approaching…

Are you ready for Black Friday? We are!

Irresistible sale items for women

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday kicks off the Christmas shopping period. It is the perfect opportunity to find Christmas gifts at very affordable prices. Black Friday was imported from the United States around three years ago and is now widespread both in online shopping and in physical stores. As you know, there is no Black Friday in summer or at any other time of the year, only when established by the holiday calendar. Black Friday is a unique moment that precedes the pre-Christmas campaign. It is celebrated in autumn and is the perfect opportunity to find the best offers and to buy winter garments, such as men’s coats or party dresses for New Year’s Eve.

Where can I find Black Friday discounts and offers?

On Black Friday most retailers offer some type of promotion. From hypermarkets and large chains to fashion, online stores, travel agencies, airlines and transport companies. There are even discounts on food. If you enter “Black Friday offers” in your search engine, you’ll find countless proposals to shop the best bargains on the internet and in physical stores. But before you fill your shopping basket, there are two very important things to bear in mind. The first is that you must always log on from a secure environment: never do it from a public network. And the second is that you should only shop at e-commerce retailers that offer secure payment and privacy policies. Do you want even more discounts? Are you looking for the best buy?  Discover the second part of Black Friday: Cyber Monday. 

Smart purchases during the sales

The sale period can overwhelm some people: “What should I buy? where? will there be any left in my size?”. Without doubt, during these two months in which consumers receive so many incentives it is important to draw up a plan to purchase both the things we need as well as those ‘love at first sight’ items in an intelligent way. Want to succeed during these winter sales? Follow these tips and you will:

  1. First of all, make a list of the garments and accessories you really need. You cannot let these 2020 sales pass you by without getting hold of them.
  2. Remember those rather more expensive winter garments we mentioned earlier? Now is the time to renew your season essentials: a teddy coat for her, a wool coat for him and a quilted coat for the kids.
  3. Do you have to buy someone a present soon? Take advantage and get it right with a stylish gift they can wear this season.
  4. When you are in the store, don’t be influenced by the erratic behaviour of other shoppers. During the sale period too, we should be able to enjoy a pleasant shopping experience.
  5. Couldn’t find anything? All is not lost! There are days when we are not feeling very inspired, so give the sales another chance and view them differently.

Where should I shop during the sales?

Many types of retailer, not just fashion retailers, also sign up for the sales. Technology, hotels, furniture stores… even food stores! From January to March you have the chance to obtain discounts in various stores. If you are looking for a modern style and good quality, visit Mango. Throughout the season and during the sales also you will find a varied selection of garments and accessories for the whole family: her, him and the kids. Don’t overlook these recommendations!

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