Woman wearing a festival look with a colorful skirt and a white top.

Summer is here and music floods our plans: we know it's time for festivals. In this eclectic and vibrant atmosphere, fashion takes centre stage, and festival looks are in the spotlight. At Discover by MANGO we invite you to explore the key garments that will create the perfect festival outfit, combining comfort and style so that you can go all out until dawn without losing your essence.

Crochet for a fresh and chic festival look

Crochet has been reinvented and this season is back in all its splendor, becoming the ideal garment for any summer festival look. A crochet knit dress paired with flat sandals can be the centerpiece for a comfortable and chic summer festival outfit. Add a belt to enhance your figure and don't forget the accessories: gold hoop earrings and vintage sunglasses will complete this casual chic inspired festival look.

Woman wearing a total red crochet festival look.

Impregnate your outfit with romanticism with a floral print kimono

Kimonos are versatile and stylish garments that can add a touch of color and elegance to any festival outfit for women. Imagine a festival setting in the sun, with your floral kimono floating in the wind as you dance to your favorite song. Paired with denim shorts and a simple tank top, this festival look will be the envy of many.

A lace top for a sensual festival look

Lace is the ideal protagonist when it comes to create looks full of sensuality and femininity. Dare with this material and bet on a white lace top as the centerpiece in your festival outfit for women, combine it with flared jeans for a retro touch, and platform boots to add a touch of personality. Add a wide brimmed hat and long earrings for a boho chic look that will result in one of the best festival looks.

The trick is to choose clothes that make you feel comfortable and confident at the same time

Girl wearing a festival look with a pink lace top and white pants.

Reinvent casual styling with distressed denim shorts

Denim shorts are the quintessential festival shorts. Practical and versatile, and if you add that vintage touch with the worn-in effect, the result is a feminine yet carefree festival look. Add a ruffled top and complete the outfit with rhinestone sandals for that sparkling twist.

Girl wearing a festival outfit with ripped denim shorts and a black top.

Explore the western trend with a pair of cowboy boots

Cowboy boots are the definition of rebelliousness and style, and have become a must when it comes to learning how to dress for a music festival. Whether with a short knit dress for a sexy and chic look, or with denim shorts for a more casual outfit, cowboy boots are the piece that makes the difference. Dare to wear them and you will be the center of attention.

Dominate the stage with an animal print dress

Unleash your wild side and embrace the festival rhythm with the audacity of an animal print dress. Its fierce and exotic nature makes it the ideal garment for days of music and dancing in the sun.

Now, how to combine animal print in your festival outfit? For starters, choose the type of animal print that best suits your style. Leopard is an undisputed classic, but snake and zebra can also offer an interesting twist. The trick is to select a dress that makes you feel comfortable and confident. A short, loose-fitting dress can be perfect for braving the high temperatures and allow you to move freely, while a long, flowing dress can bring a bohemian touch to the outfit.

This bold print, whether in leopard, zebra or snake, brings an air of wild sophistication to your festival look. Short dresses are perfect for dancing and moving freely, while long dresses bring a touch of bohemian elegance. Pair your animal print dress with black boots for a festival look with an adventurous spirit and top it off with a leather belt to enhance your figure, dangling earrings for a glamorous touch and a headband. And, of course, don't forget your sunglasses, essential to protect your eyes and look fabulous in the summer light.

In short, festival fashion is a game that invites you to let your creativity and style fly. Have fun, express your style and create your own festival looks prioritizing your vision and comfort.