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    Crochet button waistcoat

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    Gilet with buttons

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    Knitted buttoned jacket

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  • Pocket tweed jacket

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    100% cotton long trench coat

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  • Crochet striped top

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  • Pocket tweed cardigan

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  • Classic trench coat with belt

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Jackets are your best allies when it comes to creating powerful looks. When you don't know what to wear, combine your basics with a women's jacket, blazer or blazer with character and you will create a unique look. In this collection you will find the latest trends in women's jackets for in-between seasons or the colder seasons. There are thousands of ways to combine women's jackets. You can combine it with a blazer or blazer in its office version, linen or modal, along with the matching trousers and a women's jacket. If you prefer to create a more casual style you can combine women's leather jackets, which you can find in different cuts and colours, from earth tones to primary colours. You can also buy the timeless denim jacket, a wardrobe essential in all its variations to create a total denim look. Our collection of women's jackets and blazers is designed so that you can wear them with all your looks, from the most formal to the most casual. Discover all our variety and choose your favourite jacket.