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What does Halloween celebrate?

On the night of 31 October, Halloween takes place, an amusing popular celebration to worship the dead. This pagan feast originates from a Celtic festival known as Samhain, which means “end of summer”. This celebration was held in late October and consisted of a large ceremony to commemorate the end of the harvest and to bid farewell to Lugh, the sun god. The Celtic year ends on 31 October and the main characteristic of autumn is the leaves falling from the trees, which for them signifies the end of death or the beginning of a new life. This was taught from generation to generation in the regions of Ireland, Scotland and France, where the Celts lived. With the rise of Catholicism, the feast was Christianised and became known as the Eve of All Saints Day. The English translation is “All Hallows’ Eve”, hence the term “Halloween”. In 1840, the feast arrived in the US and Canada thanks to the Irish immigrants, who spread their customs. For this reason, at night on 31 October, in countries of Anglo-Saxon culture or a Celtic history, this feast is celebrated with all the past customs for remembering their ancestors. Over the years, Halloween has become popular worldwide, especially in the United States. Many curiosities are associated with this feast that make it possible for us to learn about Halloween as it is today. In honour of an ancient legend, pumpkins became a symbol to keep the devil at bay. Nowadays, on the night of 31 October, the houses are decorated with cut pumpkins. On the other hand, the Celts believed in the return of spirits to the world of the living during Samhain. For this reason, the custom is to leave food and sweet treats outside their houses in the way of an offering, and to light candles to help the souls of the dead find their way towards the light. Today, both children and adults dress up, especially as the living dead or as witches, to attend parties, imitating the presence of spirits and ghosts in the street mentioned in Celtic folklore. They also go out asking for sweets in the street and in houses, knocking at the door and asking the question: “Trick or treat?”.
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Find your outfit for Halloween night at Mango

As well as wearing a costume, another appealing plan for Halloween night is to go out to dinner or hold a small get-together at home and take the most amusing garments out of your wardrobe.

To do this, at Mango we offer some special pieces that will be just as incredible as any costume. Fantasy dresses are always a good option. Sequins, precious stones or metallic tones will add a very festive air to your outfit, by making it shine. If, on the other hand, you prefer something more discreet, double-breasted suit jackets could be a good idea. These are highly versatile garments, as well as staples that never let you down. Combine them with accessories and have fun, that’s what this night is for! Add some heeled shoes if you want to go for a more elegant look or, if you want to be more comfortable, opt for some platform ankle boots or some ballet shoes. The bag can be a key part of your outfit, because if you choose more classical garments, this accessory can elevate your outfit and make it scream: party!

Similarly, go for some striking earrings and rings to give it a different air.

This Halloween, it’s very simple for the guys. They simply need some all-purpose trousers, perfect for going out for dinner or relaxing at home, together with a basic sweater or a shirt to produce a 10 outfit.

Children will have a great time this Halloween with the special Kids collection for Halloween because they will be the kings of the house with skeleton pyjamas that glow in the dark. In this Halloween collection, they will also discover very special garments such as starry capes, tulle dresses and amusing accessories, such as cat’s ears, to add a festive air to the family dinners.

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