The week of Black Friday discounts concludes on Cyber Monday!

What is Cyber Monday?

It is a shopping event that is held for one day only on the Monday that follows Thanksgiving Day. This is also the first Monday after Black Friday. During this day, participating retailers, especially online retailers (hence its name), offer a special catalogue of products at highly reduced prices. However, this event has now extended to physical stores.

Many retailers opt for quick and time-limited offers, commonly known as Flash sales, which often only last one hour. Other retailers opt for specific offers on selected items.

In Spain, the first Cyber Monday was held last year, on 27 November 2017.

What is its origin?

Cyber Monday is a concept which was created over a decade ago, around 2005, as the result of a press release by which said the following: ‘Cyber Monday is quickly becoming one of the biggest online shopping days of the year’. It referred to a significant increase in sales that occurred that year on the Monday that followed Black Friday. A 77% increase in sales among retailers. Since then, Cyber Monday has become part of the international calendar.

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Cyber Monday 2018

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