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Mango likes you club

Latest version: 01/01/2022

What is Mango likes you?

The Club in which our customers enjoy exclusive benefits and experiences.

For every € purchased in Mango stores and online you receive +10 Likes, which you can use to obtain discounts and experiences.

Full details are available at My Account > Mango likes you

What is the Mango likes you discount?

With each purchase you make you receive Likes (€1 purchase = 10 Likes). To obtain a discount you need a minimum of 10 Likes, which equals €0.05. Thus, for example, 200 Likes equals €1.

This discount is compatible with other promotions and sales provided it does not exceed 50% of the original price of the garments.

Delivery charges or other expenses associated with the purchase do not accumulate Likes. Club discounts only apply to Mango items.

Likes that have not been used as a discount on a purchase will remain available in your account for later use. Likes are valid for 1 year (except birthday Likes which expire in 15 days).

How can I sign up for Mango likes you?

Join the Mango likes you Club free of charge by creating your account at Mango.com or in the App, or at any of our stores by providing your e-mail address.

If you already have an account at Mango, you will become part of the Club automatically.

I registered in the store. Can I also get benefits online?

You can also enjoy all the benefits of the Club online by creating an account or by logging in to Mango.com or our App. Remember to use the same e-mail address you registered with in the store.

Do I receive Likes for all my purchases at Mango?

You will receive Likes with all your purchases at Mango, in store and online, except at Mango Outlet, stores located at airports and other retail outlets with a different sales management system to Mango.

You will not receive Likes for the purchase of Gift Cards, for delivery charges or for alterations. You will not receive them for the purchases of the products of other brands.

You can also get Likes with different actions. Discover them at Mango likes you > Get Likes.

How can I find out my Likes total and my available benefits?

Access your Mango likes you space to find out your Likes total and all the benefits and experiences you can get with them.

You can also consult how to earn more Likes with different actions and your history of received and used Likes.

Where and how can I enjoy my Likes?

In our stores, identify yourself with your e-mail, phone number, or by showing your identification code (Mango likes you ID) to apply your available discount and receive Likes for your purchase.

You can consult your Mango likes you ID in the My Account section of the website or in the More section of our app.

In online purchases, log in to your account and you can apply the available discount and receive Likes with your purchase.

To get all the experiences, access Mango likes you > Benefits.

How much time do I have to use my Likes?

The Likes you receive for your purchases or through any action are valid for 1 year.

The +1,000 Likes you receive as a birthday gift are valid for 15 days. Remember to add your date of birth in My account > My data.

If you receive Likes from another user, the validity they had in the original account will be maintained.

How can I give away or receive Likes from other people?

In Mango likes you > Benefits > Give Likes, choose the quantity of Likes and enter the e-mail address of the person you wish to make the gift to. You will only be able to give the Likes received for your purchases at Mango.

Make sure you use the e-mail address of your Mango likes you account.

Remember, the original validity period of the Likes you give or receive from another user is maintained.

What happens to my Likes in a return?

When you return a garment, the Likes you received with the purchase will be deducted. If during the purchase you used Likes to obtain a discount, and they have not expired, you will recover them in your account.

You can access Mango likes you > History to see how a return has affected your Likes total.

Do I receive Likes if I pay with a Gift Card?

Yes, if you pay your purchase with your Mango Gift Card you will receive the same Likes as with other payment methods.

However, when buying a Gift Card you will not receive Likes, nor can you apply a Mango likes you discount.

Why do I not have any Likes in My account?

When you make a return, the Likes you received with the purchase are deducted. If you use those Likes, but later make a return, you may obtain a negative balance in your account.

Consult how to recover Likes in My account > Mango likes you and enjoy all the benefits once again.

Mango likes you birthday gift

For being part of the Club, on your birthday you will receive +1,000 Likes, valid for 15 days. Remember to add your birthday date when creating your online or in-store account. You can add it later by editing your data, within My account.

You can use them as a discount or exchange them for an experience, but you cannot give them to another user.

Remember that the Likes you already had in your account will be spent first, in the order in which you received them.

If you already had Likes in your account, they will be spent before the ones you have received for your birthday.

For example, if you have +1,000 Likes in your account and you receive another +1,000 Likes for your birthday, by using 1,200 Likes to get an experience, you will have spent the 1,000 you already had and 200 of your birthday Likes. Therefore you will have 800 birthday Likes left, which will remain valid for 15 days from the date of receipt.

My Likes total has not been updated with my last purchase.

Likes you receive with a purchase may take up to 24-48 hours to become available in your account. In the History tab within your Mango likes you space, you will see in detail the Likes pending reception.

If you have still not received them after this period, please contact Customer Services.

In which countries can I enjoy Mango likes you?

The Mango likes you club is active in various countries in Europe and will progressively be extended to many more.

To find out if the Club is available in your country, access the menu Log in > Mango likes you.

Remember, you can accumulate and use your Likes on purchases made in any country in which the Club is active.

How can I unsubscribe from Mango likes you?

To unsubscribe from the Club you will have to deactivate your account at Mango.com > My account > My data. If you do, you will lose the accumulated Likes and you will not be able to recover them in the future.

If you do not wish to delete your account, you can access My Account > Subscriptions and deactivate the notifications you would like to stop receiving.