• Slim fit linen suit blazer

    Initial price struck through € 179.99Current price € 120.00
  • Slim fit linen and cotton suit jacket

    Initial price struck through € 179.99Current price € 139.99
  • Lyocell linen overshirt with pockets

    Initial price struck through € 99.99Current price € 89.99
  • 100% relaxed-firt linen jacket with pockets

    Initial price struck through € 119.99Current price € 89.99
  • 100% linen slim fit blazer

    Current price € 139.99
  • 100% linen slim-fit suit jacket

    Current price € 179.99
  • 100% linen slim-fit suit jacket

    Current price € 179.99
  • Slim fit linen cotton-blend blazer

    Current price € 99.99

Discover the elegance and freshness of linen with our exclusive collection of men's blazers at Mango Man. Crafted from premium fabrics that combine pure linen and other blends such as cotton and polyester, our men's linen blazers offer the perfect balance of style and comfort for any occasion. For those who prefer a slimmer fit, our slim fit linen blazers are the ideal choice. This modern, slim fit offers a contemporary, streamlined silhouette that sits perfectly on the body. The slim fit blazer is a type of men's dress jacket perfect for more formal occasions, such as important business meetings or events. On the other hand, our men's 100% linen blazers are a timeless option, perfect for summer wear when temperatures are higher and you need a cool but elegant garment. In addition, we also have blazers that combine linen with other materials, offering a versatile and functional alternative that combines the best of both fabrics. Available in a wide range of colours, from classic blue to timeless white, as well as shades of khaki and burgundy, our men's linen blazers suit any style and personal preference. Pair your linen blazer with chinos and a white shirt for a smart casual look that's perfect for an informal dinner or evening meeting. If you're looking for a more formal ensemble, opt to pair your blazer with a pair of trousers and a matching waistcoat to create a suit ensemble for impeccable style at any professional or social event. At Mango Man, our mission is to provide you with high quality garments that suit your lifestyle and help you express your unique personality on every occasion. With our linen blazers, you can enjoy the freshness and style of the most iconic natural fabric, without compromising on elegance and comfort.