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Protect little ones from the cold from head to toe with these scarves and hats. These winter accessories will be your little girls' best companions during the colder months. Plus, they're ideal for complementing outfits for girls of all ages, from 5 to 14 years old. We have girls' knitted hats made with flexible fabric, which fit perfectly and comfortably. They are warm and we have them in different models: plain, with decorative tassels, with printed design, with ear detail or bucket style, the trendy girls' hats! We also have some girls' beanies made of wool, the fabric par excellence for colder days. Braided knitted scarves, classic knitted scarves, crocheted scarves... Choose your favourite for your little ones! In this collection of girls' scarves you will find different models, all designed to protect one of the most delicate areas from the cold and wind: the neck. These girls' scarves are thick knitted, so they are very warm, and are made with a mixture of fabrics: polyester, acrylic or cotton. To complete any winter look, in addition to scarves and hats, we offer our girls' gloves. They are perfect for the coldest days at school or on excursions. Both gloves and scarves as well as girls' hats are available in classic and trendy colours - buy now!