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  • A caress to the senses. This fragrance begins with warm wood notes and vibrant saffron, evoking a feeling of intimate and welcoming embrace. In the heart, hedione unfolds, its freshness resembling the soft touch of petals on the skin, complemented by a woody top note that adds a touch of voluptuous depth. In its conclusion, moss brings an earthy and robust base, anchoring the fragrance in a persistent and intoxicating finish that invites closeness and desire. It’s a scent that envelops, seduces and captures the essence of bold and uninhibited sensuality.

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For elegant or everyday outfits, costume jewellery for girls complements perfectly with all your outfits. That's why at Mango Teen we have this special collection where you'll find fashion jewellery to keep you on trend. Among the jewellery for teenage girls, necklaces and bracelets stand out. Here you can find either of these two accessories in different colours and models. Necklaces for girls are available with semi-precious stones, crystal beads, chain style necklaces or the combination necklaces that are a trend this season. Our bracelets models are also very varied, you can find them as chain bracelets, with beads, charms, among others. In addition, you can get our bracelets in convenient packs of 2 and 3 units. We also have modern and original earrings and rings that will help you to complete your basic looks, for the day to day, and the most elegant evening looks to wear to special occasions. Don't miss our collection of costume jewellery for teenage girls, you'll love it!