An evening is full of opportunities if you're ready to take them. In Camille Charrière's universe, anything can happen in just one night. By embracing the unexpected, she lets the magic happen. This exclusive collection irradiates her signature sense of style and takes you back to the iconic nightlife of the late 90s and early 2000s.
We invite you to experience a night out through Camille's eyes.
Go Where the
Night Takes You
Camille and her friends on their way to discover a new bar in town
The best tip for making an entrance? Be sure to use the revolving doors
The place is getting crowded, but this whole squad and their outfits are stealing the show!
The show must go on. Where to next?
Pose! (Even while their feet are resting after dancing frantically)
Sequins and a pool, Camille is ready to shine in the water
It´s almost dawn! Play repeat and do it again.