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We present our shop, where you will find a special area entirely dedicated to the MANGO Man Tailored collection. This space is designed to maintain the essence of the brand and provide customers with an ambience of sophistication. It will remind you of an old textile workshop where you will feel surrounded by experts to help you choose the right product.
Notched lapels
Peak lapels
Felt undercollar


The lapels:

Lapels are the extension of a suit's collar. You will find suits with:

- Notched lapels, which are the most common type of lapel and have a notch accentuated to a greater or lesser degree.

Peak lapels, which give the impression of broader shoulders and are perfect for achieving a sophisticated and formal look. Also, you will sometimes find that the under-collar of the suit comes with a contrasting felt appliqué.

Also, you will sometimesfind thatthe under-collar of the suit comes with a contrasting felt appliqué.

The construction:

There are two types of suit blazer construction: the tailored and the soft construction.

The Tailored blazer is more structured at the shoulders and consistent on the chest and projects a triangular shape. Soft-constructed blazers have rounded shoulders and produce more relaxed silhouettes.

The pockets:

In our suits you will find a welt pocket on the chest and patch or flap pockets at the sides. Side pockets may be slanted or straight and you will sometimes see a third pocket for storing business cards known as a ticket pocket.

The button fastenings:

Our blazers have two button fastenings at front, which represents the most common jacket silhouette and gives the suit a contemporary feel. For a more sophisticated look, you should only button the top button of your jacket.

The cuffs:

Sleeve cuffs come with either decorative or functional buttons. Premium suits have functional buttons with two open buttonholes at the cuffs because these buttons are perceived as a sign of a fine sartorial taste, thus making them more elegant.

The vent:

A suit can have double, single or no vents at the back. The vents are created in the suit pattern, to add shape to the jacket yet still provide comfort while wearing the jacket. MANGO Man’s Tailored collection has double vents, as this is a more elegant look and provides optimal comfort.

The interior:

The interlining is made of wool and horsehair, as this fiber is sufficiently rigid to maintain the shape of the suit over time. It can also be made of cotton or rayon to make it softer. (flecha de la izq)

The blazer may be partially or fully-lined and you may find Colombia stitching between the fabric and lining and AMF stitching in the lapels, darts, pockets and vents. This stitching results very attractive as it simulates a handmade stitch and its function is to maintain the blazer’s canvas interlining in place with regard to the external fabric.(flecha derecha arriba)

Each blazer model has three labels in its interior, with information on: the size, the collection and the fit. (flecha abajo)

Flap pocket and ticket pocket
Functional-button cuffs
Open buttonholes

Styles and Fits

In the world of Tailoring, the fit is the most important aspect. For a suit to fit you well, it must be tailored to the contours of your body. For this reason, we have two fits within the Tailored collection: the CLASSIC-FIT and the SLIM-FIT.

The classic-fit is suitable for a man who has a similar width in the chest and the waist. It consists of a classic length styled in a casual manner, where the blazer is roomier through the body and therefore more comfortable. The slim-fit remains a smart suiting option, although we can now differentiate between the slim-fit drop 7 and the modern slim-fit drop 8. The slim-fit drop 7 fits a man with a trapezoid-shaped body (where the narrowest part of the torso is the waist) and the modern slim-fit drop 8 is the most common style of fit for men with an inverted triangle body shape (where the shoulders and thighs extend outwards from the waist).


Italian premium
Our “Triana” suits are the most premium in our Tailored collection. They consist of a high-quality Italian-style design where superior quality results from the use of a 100% wool fabric from Italy.

Now that you understand the features of a suit, you will notice that Triana suits come with: notched lapels with a decorative pin, AMF stitching, welt pocket on the chest, slanted side pockets, functional-button cuffs and a double back vent. Their soft shoulder construction gives the wearer an elegant look.
Business premium
On the other hand, the Sevilla suit is a more classical-style suit crafted in a wool-blend fabric with a premium design. Sevilla suits have peak lapels with a decorative pin, AMF stitching, welt chest pocket, flap pockets at the sides, functional-button cuffs and a double back vent.

The remainder of the Tailored collection consists of everyday suits and special occasion suits.

Everyday suits
Comprise the Basilia suit family, where you can find different styles: from the more minimal Basel suit to the British-style Basilio and the Neapolitan-patterned Basilia suit.

As Special occasion suits we have the classical Italian design Cádiz suit, the minimal Casel suit and the more classical Cúdoz suit. These suits are reminiscent of lawyers, bankers and businessmen and feature styles with either windowpane check or subtle houndstooth and striped patterns.

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